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  • Private Pilot’s License (Aero plane) - PPL, 

  • Commercial Pilot’s License (Aero plane) -CPL,  

  • Instrument Rating

  • Flying Instructors Rating

How to apply

  • Both male and female can apply for the pilot training course. Interested students, who want to be a pilot, should collect an application form from Academy office either at Dhaka or Rajshahi and after completing the form one can submit the form with necessary documents to the academy office. Online submission is also accepted. BDT 1,000.00 is to be deposited as Admission registration fee.

  • All correspondence and queries concerning admission to the academy should be addressed to GFA office at Dhaka.

  • Foreign students need to pay additional $3,000.00 for administrative processing. All required documents from GFA will be provided to the students and students need to apply and process their visa by themselves.


For the admission, a candidate is to undergo a one-day assessment at GFA Dhaka Campus. The assessment is designed to test candidates':


  • Aptitude

  • Capacity

  • General  Knowledge

  • Personality

  • Team Skills

  • Verbal Reasoning

  • Communication Skills

  • Commitment


If successful in completing the assessment to the necessary standard then applicants are accepted to take admission in PPL course.

Fee Structure


All fees are given in Bangladeshi Taka

Galaxy Flying Academy Ltd. holds all the rights to change the fee at any time even in the middle of a session

Course Curriculum

Ground Courses 


The following subjects will be taught in the PPL and CPL ground courses as per CAAB approved syllabus. Academy will conduct end of phase exams, however final examinations will be conducted by CAAB. Total planned classes are of minimum 275 hours.


  • Air Law

  • Air Navigation(including Radio Aids and Instruments),

  • Aviation Meteorology,

  • Radio Telephony 

  • Human performance and limitations 

  • Performance of Flight

  • Flight planning and performance

  • Aircraft General Knowledge 

  • Operation Procedures

  • Type Technical –(C- 152) &( C-172*)

*    Additional charge will be applicable for C-172 

Flying Training 

  • PPL : Minimum  40 hours on Single Engine Piston Cessna-152 aircraft/ Cessna 172. This includes:


                      -- 30 hours duel flying
                      -- 10 hours solo flying including 5 hours cross country. 

  • CPL : Minimum 110 hours


                      -- Minimum 70 hours PIC flying
                      -- Minimum 20 hours cross country flying
                      -- Minimum 5  hours night flying
                      -- Rest are GF flying


Note: A student may elect any types of aircraft but it is desirable that a student flies minimum 50 hours in each type of aircraft. 

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