Frequently Asked Questions

What is the education qualification needed to become a flight cadet?

If you have studied science in SSC and HSC / O and A levels / GED, then you are eligible to become a flight cadet.

What eye sight is needed?

If your eye sight is 6/6 you are eligible to fly, glasses are allowed.

Explain the full process briefly.

To be a pilot you have to contact and get admitted in Galaxy flying academy. The academy will send/refer you for a medical in Civil Aviation Authority Bangladesh. You have to pass the medical. Where they will test your blood sugar, cholesterol, even HIV. It’s not that hard. After the medical your ground class will start, for about 3 months. Then your flying will start, you will fly for 50 hours. In the mean time you will sit for 10 exams in CAAB. If You pass the exams and complete the hours of flying (flight tests too) you will get the PPL (Private Pilot’s License). After PPL you will sit for another ground course of 3 months. Then you will fly again, for 100 hours. In the meantime, you will sit for another 9 exams. If you pass the exams and complete the hours with tests, you will get the CPL (Commercial Pilots License).

Can I get a job with PPL only?

No. If you have CPL, only then you can apply for pilot jobs in airline companies.

Are jobs available?

Right now job sector is good. But the market can change, requirement of pilot changes. Sometimes the demand is high, sometimes low. But with proper knowledge, skill and patience; you can expect a job.

Do I need more than 150 hours or a multi engine rating to get a job?

You don’t necessarily need extra hour or more than 150 hours to get a job. You don’t need a multi engine rating for it too. You will get the ratings on job. 150 hours fresh CPL has been good enough for last 4-5 years and it’s unlikely to change.

Is doing my CPL in abroad better?

If you want to fly in Bangladeshi Airlines then it’s better to get the license from Bangladesh. If you do it abroad then when you come back you have to sit for certain exams again, fly some hours and convert your license in CAAB license. That’s good amount of extra work. Also, you have more contacts in aviation if you do it in Bangladesh. Foreign CPL adds no value when you apply for cadet pilot in Bangladesh.

Can I get a job internationally with Bangladeshi license?

If you are not citizen of a foreign country, you are not likely to get a job abroad in the beginning. Required qualification is very high in the western world. So, with this little experience you will probably go nowhere. After gaining experience in Bangladeshi local airlines, you can think of applying abroad someday.

Is English important?

You have to be good in English if you want to be a pilot. Try to improve your English as well as common sense and general knowledge. It’s not only about money.