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Date: 28 July 2020


Precautionary Measures to be observed for Ground Classes during Covid 19


  All students must produce consent of parents to attend the classes in the ground school.

  1. Only one section of class comprising maximum 15 students will be held in one day until situation becomes normal.

  2. Two class rooms will be reorganized into one class room for maintaining distance between students.

  3. Students will seat keeping one chair gap between them. 

  4. Sufficient distance is to be maintained between instructor and students in the class room.

  5. Temperature check and hand washing with soap are to be carried out for all students, instructors and employees.

  6. All students will wear mask and use hand sanitizer as and when required. 

  7. Every day prior to class the rooms are to be disinfected.

  8.  First aid box with essential medicine will be kept available.

  9. No snacks will be served from school however students can bring home made food including water from their home.

  10. Students will be discouraged to use public transports.

  11. All other health measures and CAAB directives as appropriate will be ensured.



By order

Wg Cdr (Retd) ATM Nazrul Islam, psc

Chief Executive Officer



Date: 03 June 2020


Precautionary Measures to be observed for Flight Operations during Covid- 19


  1. Cadet pilots, Instructors, maintenance crew and necessary personnel returning for training operations to Rajshahi will be asked to submit health conditions of last one month and after ensuring that they have not developed any symptoms of corona virus during that period will be allowed to performed duties.

  2. All staffs , students and Instructors will undergo temperature check and hand washing  while entering Hangar and Hostel every day.

  3. All Cadets will stay inside Galaxy Flying Academy’s accommodation at all times and no one will be allowed to leave the compound except going to Airport for training.

  4. The students will be limited to 12 to 15 only in the hostel and no room sharing will be allowed until quarantine period.

  5. During training days, all Cadets and instructors will use GFA’s own transport only. The transport will be sanitized before every run.

  6. During duties in Hangar everyone must avoid the terminal areas at all times except for flight only.

  7. The office staffs and cadets at all times will maintain social distancing and avoid unnecessary loitering

  8. The maintenance crew will sanitize the cockpit and the aircraft ; after releasing  the aircraft no one will be  allowed near it except for the cockpit crew.

  9. After completion of the flight before the next flight, the aircraft will be sanitized again and next flight will be conducted at least half an hour after sanitization.


By order

Wg Cdr (Retd) ATM Nazrul Islam, psc

Chief Executive Officer

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